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Updating Your Privacy Policy
Updating Your Privacy Policy

Make sure your guests accept terms before joining

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Need to add a privacy policy to your customer flow for your business? It's easy to set your own privacy policy under Settings > Customers > Input Fields - scroll to the bottom of the page to see the specific 'policy' options. Here you can also determine whether or not a guest will be required to accept the policy when signing up to interact with your business via Waitwhile.

**DEVELOPER TIP** This text area also supports basic HTML. With correct formatting, you can alter the privacy policy to display as a clickable link to be viewed elsewhere (if you have your policy hosted on another website).

Want to make your privacy policy clickable too? Just drop the HTML code into the 'Policy' box and adjust the wording to fit your business.

Here's an example using Waitwhile's privacy policy link:

By checking this, you agree to the terms of our <a href="" target="_blank">privacy policy.</a> 

If you do not opt to require the Guest to accept the policy, then your policy will display below the confirmation button directly beneath Waitwhile's standard Privacy Policy & Terms of Use.

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