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How to connect Waitwhile and Zoom to make Virtual Conferencing Scheduling Easy

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Need to schedule a Zoom meeting with a 'Join Link' for your customers based on a Booking made in Waitwhile? Introducing the newest Zapier integration in our Waitwhile family! NOTE: You must have a Business or Enterprise level Plan to utilize this tool.

1. Make a Sample Booking

Start by making a sample booking. Zapier needs an example to pull information from when we set up, so you'll need to give it something to work with. Make sure that the booking is some time in the future.

2. Zapier Account

If you already have a Zapier account and are familiar with the process, you can skip all of this other set up and use THIS LINK to follow the same set up we did and get started right away.

If you do not have a Zapier account, go to HERE TO SIGN UP, then use THIS LINK to follow the same set up we did and get started right away. You’ll see a screen that looks like the image below. Click ‘Use this Zap’.

3. Connect your Waitwhile Account to Zapier

Click the blue ‘Sign in to Waitwhile’ button to link your Waitwhile account to Zapier. You’ll will see a pop up requesting access and then for an API key for your account. To get that API key, you’ll need to go to Account Settings (bottom left icon) / Integrations / Generate API Key. Copy the code that is created there and paste it back into the API Pop Up request from Zapier. Click ‘Yes, Continue’. Be sure to set the Event Type to ‘New or Updated Visit’ and select your Waitwhile Account from the Drop Down Menu at the next stage.

4. Customize Visit

Select the location(s) you want to check for Bookings, then set the Event Type to ‘Visit Created’ and the Visit State to ‘Booked’.

5. Find Data

Remember that sample Booking we made at the beginning of this process? Now is the time to export that information into Zapier to start to test our Zap. Go ahead and test it out - if it’s successful you’ll see something that looks like this!

6. Connect Zoom

Now that Zapier knows to pay attention every time a Booking is made in the locations you listed, now let’s hook that to your zoom account. Select Zoom from your options, and for the Event Type select ‘Create Meeting”.

7. Custom Create Meeting

Fill out the information how you would like to make sure the options fit your business.

Be sure to make sure that the Duration for your Zoom Meetings matches the Duration you have set for your Waitwhile Booking Slots.

8. Send Data

Go ahead and test it out - this should create a meeting in the Zoom account you’ve set up. If it’s successful you’ll see something that looks like this!

9. Update the Booking in Waitwhile

Now we have to tell Waitwhile the ‘Join Link’ that Zoom created when the meeting was made. Make sure to select ‘Waitwhile’ and then ‘Create or Update a Visit’.

10. Customize Visit

Make sure to update all the required fields. Take special note of the ‘Visit ID’. This is how Zapier knows which of your many Bookings to add the Zoom Join URL to.

11. Adding the JOIN URL Field

If you haven’t already, go to Settings / Bookings / Customer Info to add a ‘New Field’ for the Join URL you will get from Zoom when the meeting is created. Uses the drop down menu to make this field ‘private’.

Click ‘Refresh Fields’ and add the Join URL option for the available Zoom options.

12. Test & Done!

You’re ready to test your Zap! If you are successful, it will look something like this!

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