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How to Add Breaks for your Waitlist Resources
How to Add Breaks for your Waitlist Resources

How to add lunch breaks and other pauses for your team

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Everyone needs a break, and Waitwhile makes it easy to schedule them in so your guests pick the right time slots based on your availability. Most businesses have break schedules that work in the following ways:

Employees Take Regular Breaks at the SAME Time

If you have a lunch break every day at 1 pm, then updating your working hours to reflect that is the best option.

Go to Settings / Team > Resources page and click the 'three dot menu' and 'Edit' for the Resource you want to set hours for.

To set a regular break, just set the first interval between when you start and until your break starts. Then add another interval that starts AFTER your break. The break time is the time in-between the intervals.

Employees Take Irregular / Non-scheduled Breaks

If you or your staff take breaks during different times every day (maybe based on customer demand), you can easily set yourself as "Away" when nature calls.

To set yourself as away, just click on your profile photo and turn on Away Mode. And when you're back again, just turn it off. Here is a video on how to find it.

If you want to set your other staff members as Away, just go to the Resources tab and click "Set away" next to the staff member.

When your staff is on a break - using either of the above options - your customers won't be able to select them when they check-in to your waitlist. What's more, this will also influence how Waitwhile estimates wait time so that they accurately reflect the staff resources that are working!


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