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Configuring how your Guests can view& join your waitlists via links

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Settings > Public > Join Waitlist

In this section, you can manage how guests sign up to your waitlist online and also other details such as how to set up a kiosk, text to join via SMS 🤳🏼 message, Google Maps integrations, and what your customers see on the Customer Status Page (the link that is included in your confirmation alert).

Settings > Public > Display Waitlist

These settings give you more options to display your ‘waitlist’ on a smart TV 📺 or a monitor display as well as what information is visible to your guests.

Settings > Public > Online Booking

In this area of Settings, you can manage how your Guests schedule bookings with your business online. Here you can get a copy of a sharable 'Guest-facing' URL and control the information your Guests can see on those pages. You can copy the 'TV Monitor' link from this area if you would like to display your list on a smart TV or monitor.

Settings > Public > Public Locations

Do you have multiple locations inside your Waitwhile Account? Control how your guests view all of your locations together on one webpage by giving them the option to pick WHERE they’d like to be served from all of your available locations.

Settings > Public > Arrivals

The 'Online check-in page' is a URL that can be sent to your customers to 'check themselves in' when they arrive for their scheduled booking. Many businesses use this URL to send to their guests via SMS or email. The guest can then click the link in the message (via smartphone, computer, etc.) to check themselves in.

The 'Kiosk arrival check-in' is essentially the same as the Online Check-in page, but it's formatted to look the best on 'kiosks' (or tablets).

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