Why are my SMS texts not delivered?

Learn about common delivery errors for SMS messages to your guests and how to resolve it

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Here are a few ways to identify the reason why your SMS texts are failing, and when to reach out to our support team.

Delivery issues

To see why a text failed, you will need to click on the Visit with the failed messages and then open the Messages/Chat drawer.

Next, click the red Failed to send SMS link that is displayed next to the failed message. This will open up a Message details box that will provide additional information about the failed message including a brief description.

Here are a some common errors that you may see in the Message details box:

  1. Blocked by Waitwhile

    • This error simply means that the content of your message has been flagged by Waitwhile. You will need to make sure that your messages do not contain any outside links (non-Enterprise plans) or special characters that could be flagged.

    • Please reach out to our support team if you have removed these items and are still being blocked.

  2. Carrier Violation or Unknown Error

    • This error means that cellphone carriers have blocked your messages.

    • Please follow these best practice guidelines for how to reduce risk of getting blocked or filtered by carriers.

    • You will need to contact our support team so they can troubleshoot in collaboration with Twilio, our SMS provider.

  3. Unreachable Destination Handset

    • This error means that your guest entered a phone that is not in service or turned off.

    • Please advise your guests to make sure that their devices are reachable.

  4. Landline or unreachable carrier

    • This error means that your guest entered a landline phone number or the carrier is no longer reachable.

    • Please advise your guests to make sure that their devices are reachable.

Message credit issues

You may receive a failed message alert if you have exceeded your SMS credits.

In this case, you can refill your SMS credit under Settings > Billing. Click on Manage Plan under the billing setting section. You will have options to auto-refill your SMS credits when your SMS credits run out or adjust the amount of credits your need each month.

Reporting SMS Issues to Waitwhile Support

In the event that a large amount of SMS are failing unexpectedly with the same error message, or the error message displayed seems incorrect, please reach out to Waitwhile support via chat or by emailing support@waitwhile.com

If possible include Message IDs (or screenshots of the Message Details box) for a few of the failed messages so that we can reach out directly to our SMS providers for additional assistance.

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