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How to Share your Waitlist
How to Share your Waitlist

Let Your Customers Join Your Waitlist or Schedule Appointments - At a Kiosk or From Your Website

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In Waitwhile, there are various public pages unique to your business that allow your customers to join your different customer flows (waitlist, appointments). These pages can be linked to from your website, or displayed on a tablet in your lobby or a waiting area.

Other links can be shared with your team to access the backend of your Waitwhile account, and are not supposed to be shared with your customers. They can be used by members of your staff to manually schedule appointments, or add customers to your waitlist.

Here is a quick overview below.

For your team

Your internal links are for you and your team only and should never be shared with customers. You can use them to access and manage your waitlist from behind the scenes. This is where you'll Serve and Alert your guests, or mark their visits as Complete.

Depending on which customer flows you’ve set up with Waitwhile, you’ll access them using the following internal links:

You can also find and edit your public-facing location names and links using your General Settings link at Settings > Location > General.

For your customers

The following links are public-facing and can be shared via your website, a QR code, or a text message. Your customers can use them to join your various customers flows:

  • Your public-facing online waitlist link:{your_location_id}/waitlist

  • Your public-facing appointment scheduling link:{your_location_id}/bookings/add

  • Your Location Page where your customers can access all the customer flows available at a given location (more about your Location Page below):{your_location_id}

If your business has multiple locations, your customers can see your full list of locations and choose which one they want to visit using your Public Locations page:{your_account_name}

Your personalized link to your Public Locations page can be found at Settings > Public > Public locations.

Learn more about public page links in this article:

More resources

Location page

The Location Page is unique to each Location within your Waitwhile account and looks like{your_location_id}.

It can be found under Settings > Location > General, and is designed to let your customers schedule an appointment or join your online waitlist. It can be turned on or off for each Location in your Waitwhile account.

Customer Status Page

The customer status page is a unique temporary page that’s automatically created for each visitor who joins your virtual waitlist. When you add a ‘Status Page Link’ variable to your Alerts, a link enabling your customers to see real-time wait estimates is created:

You can access this link by clicking on the customer in the waitlist to display the visit details drawer, and then selecting "Show Status Page" from the three dot menu:

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