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How to Export your Customer and Visit data
How to Export your Customer and Visit data

Export your Waitwhile customer data and visit history into a spreadsheet

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NOTE: This feature is only available under the Waitwhile Business Plan

Waitwhile makes it easy to export your data so you can do more in-depth analysis or share it with other tools that your business uses.

Exporting your customer data out of Waitwhile is easy. Here's how.

  1. Go to the Customers page

  2. Click Export in the top menu

  3. Select to export either as Visits or Unique Customers. Visits lets you export one record for each time a person joined a waitlist or scheduled a booking and is normally what you'd like. Unique customers is great if you want to export data for marketing or CRM purposes as it will include only 1 record for each individual contact.

  4. Select the Data Range and the Locations (if you have more than one) for your export.

  5. Click Export and you will get a spreadsheet file (CSV) exported!

To learn about the Export file and what the different data columns mean, head over to our article that explains the export file in precious detail!

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