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Waitwhile Overview

Learn about Waitwhile and what we do.

Getting Started

Learn the basics about Waitwhile, how it works, and if it's the right solution for your Business

Examples of Use-Cases

Learn how to use Waitwhile for your type of business

Location Management

Customize your locations to suit your business.

Waitlist & Queue Management

Learn how to use Waitwhile to manage your lines and wait times.

Bookings & Scheduling

Learn how to use Waitwhile for appointment scheduling and calendar.

Resource & Services

Manage your staff and other resources and assign to your customers.

Customer Registration

How your customers can join your waitlist or schedule bookings with your public pages

Messages & Communication

Learn about how Waitwhile communicates with your customer and how to use these messages to make the perfect customer flow

Analytics & Customer Insights

Guides and tips to get started with Waitwhile

User Management & Permissions

Everything you need to know about setting up Resources, inviting Users, and creating Roles

Developer Guide & Integrations

Do more with Waitwhile by integrating it with your other services

Security & Privacy

Learn about how Waitwhile manages security and privacy.

Waitwhile 3.0

Introducing the next-gen version of Waitwhile.