One of the many great parts about Waitwhile is that you can "share" certain things (which for this article we will be calling "Entities") such as Services, Resources, and Custom Data Fields, between some or all of your locations. This eliminates the need to recreate them individually for each location, and also simplifies making changes when needed.

Unfortunately, along with these benefits comes a downside: the potential risk of making a change to an entity that you think is only affecting it for a single location, when in reality, it is changing it across all locations.

Solving the Case of the Disappearing Resources

An unfortunately common message we get through Support chats from Waitwhile customers is something along the lines of:

"All of my resources disappeared! They were just there yesterday!"

We understand that this can be really scary, especially if your Waitwhile setup relies on resources in order to function properly. If this happens, your friends on Waitwhile's Support Team can help you get things figured out and back to where they should be, and also hopefully lead you to this article to help you understand what happened and how to educate yourself and your staff users on how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

There are typically 2 different scenarios in which Resources can "disappear"

  1. The assigned locations for the Resource or Resource Category were changed.

    1. In this case, the Resource Category or Individual resource thankfully still exists, but it might be missing from one or more locations that it should be on. Thankfully this is fairly easy to fix, as long as you can figure out which location the Resources or Resource Category is still on.

  2. The Resource Category or individual resource was completely deleted/removed from a location which removed it from ALL locations.

    1. The Resources have been lost to the abyss and there's no getting them back without doing an "Account Restore" from an account backup*, which must be performed by Waitwhile Support.

How to figure out which scenario you're in and what steps to take to fix it

Have an account Owner (a user with an Owner role who has access to all locations) go through each location to check and see if the missing Resources or Resource Category is hiding out in any of the other locations. If your account has a large number of locations, this may seem a little tedious and you can reach out to Waitwhile Support to help you out.

If you're able to track down the missing Resource or Resource Category on one of your locations you (well, the Owner or someone who has access to all locations) can:

  1. Select Edit from the 3-dot menu next to the Resource (or Category) to open the Edit Resource modal

  2. Click Show advanced settings

  3. under Choose Locations, select the locations that the Resource (or Category) had been removed from

  4. Don't forget to Save!

If you're dealing with a Resource Category, once you've added the Category back to the correct locations you will then need to do the same thing for each individual resource that was in the category on each location that it was removed from.

If you have a lot of locations that each had different individual resources within the category, you may want to consider reaching out to Waitwhile Support to do an "Account Restore" from an account backup*.

If you've gone through all the locations and the missing Resources are nowhere to be found, then they were likely completely deleted. In this case, reach out to Waitwhile Support and they can assist with performing an Account Restore* from an account backup.

There are some risks of undoing any recent changes made to the account, which our Technical Support Specialist can go over with you before performing the restore.

But Whodunit?!

Well, accidents happen, but we understand that in order to answer the how of the situation and be able to truly close the case (and hopefully prevent having a repeat situation in the future), it can also be important to figure out the when and who.

If you or someone on your team is tech savvy, you can use the Waitwhile API to look at your account's audit entries (sometimes referred to as "logs"), which track all types of events and changes that occur on an account and will list the User ID associated with any changes that were made.

For more information on how to use the API to get audit entries, head on over to the Waitwhile Developer Hub.

For less tech savvy folks, someone from Waitwhile Support can look up these logs* for you and let you know both the when and who.

Case Closed!

*For paid plans only

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