As you may have heard, the V1 version of Waitwhile will no longer be available starting in March 2021 - the old version of Waitwhile will officially be sunset on February 28,2020.

We know that change can be scary - especially when it comes to your business and how you help your customers. Everyone here at Waitwhile is excited about our new and improved V2 app and we want to help you feel comfortable with the new version, too! For more information about the new V2, check out this article and when you're ready to take the plunge, this step by step guide will explain everything you need to know to feel comfortable with your new virtual waitlist!

Educate Yourself

This newer version of Waitwhile is heavily documented and we've worked hard to provide you loads of information to help you make the best of this new and improved platform. Introduce yourself to the new V2 by watching a previously recorded live demo session HERE (starts at around 4 mins), then check out this playlist of explainer videos tor a more in-depth explanation of each part of the Waitwhile settings. As always, check out our Help Center for even more information about how to customize your SMS messages, sample business set ups, and much more!

Login at

Once you've spent a little time learning about the new system, you can try V2 by clicking the link in the 'banner' displayed on your V1 Waitwhile account or by using your normal login information at It's that easy!
If this is your first time, you will be asked to 'Upgrade'. Don't worry - moving to V2 is completely free, and after you have selected that you want to Upgrade, you'll be prompted to import your customer data.

Take V2 For a Test Drive

The best way to get comfortable with the new Waitwhile is to test it out for yourself! Try adding yourself to the waitlist or go about what you would would have normally done in your V1 account. You'll find that the process is very similar to V1 and there is a good chance you and your employees will be able to make the move to V2 without much transition or training time at all.

Check Your Styling

If your V1 account has customized styling options, you'll likely need to reformat those in your new V2 account. It's important to remember that V1 and V2 are totally different and that the HTML or CSS coding you have in place for V1 will NOT work for V2. To learn more about how to use styling options for your V2 account, check out this article and this article.

V2 is a completely different application than the V1 legacy version of Waitwhile. If you are using the 'Check-In URL', the Public waitlist, or the other available 'links' in your V1 account it's important to know that those links will not transfer to the new V2. The new version has its own separate links (apart from V1) and you'll need to change those over in all of the places you have your V1 links listed for customers to use (website, social media channels, etc.) You can find all of your new links for your V2 Account under Settings/Self Check-In.

Make sure to change any 'bookmarks' you might have saved for your employees to use to login as well - because the different versions don't sync with each other automatically, you'll want to make sure that you (and your co-workers!) are logging in at

Sync Your Data

Even though you might have imported all of your customer data when you logged in to V2 for the first time, it's still important to resync all of your data from V1 to V2.

In your new V2 account, can do this by going to the Account Settings option and selecting Integration Settings ( When you have found the option for Syncing, just click the “Sync V1 data” to merge the latest data again from V1. Just a reminder - V2 is a completely different application than the V1 legacy version of Waitwhile. It will not continuously 'sync' your V1 information. The 'sync' step is only intended to help you get the most up to date information into your V2 account before you CLOSE DOWN your V1 account.

Say Goodbye to V1

When you are ready, you'll need to make sure that you disable your V1 links so that your customers don't accidentally sign up under the old account. By unchecking all of the boxes that 'allow people to view' or 'sign up' for your lists, you disable those webpages - This makes it to where your customers can no longer the V1 pages if they try using the old V1 web address to sign up.

As an extra precaution, we suggest that you reach out to Waitwhile Tech Support team to let us know when you've made the move. When you are ready, we can delete your old V1 account - this is an extra step to help ensure that your customers don't end up putting themselves on the wrong list.

We are constantly improving the new Waitwhile - Be sure to sign up for feature updates HERE!

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