Looking to create a Retail waiting experience that's both efficient and socially distant?

Use this sample set up to turn your Waitwhile waitlist into the customer flow your stores have always needed! Here's how this Customer Flow works:

  1. Your virtual waitlist remains closed as you let customers into the store. When your store reaches 'capacity', your virtual waitlist automatically turns on.

  2. When the waitlist is active, your customers go to a website to add themselves to the waitlist. They also put in all of the information you need to know to help them best.

  3. Your employees see that the customer has added themselves to the list and alerts them when it's time for the customer to come inside.

  4. Your employees 'Serve' the customer while they are helping them and complete them from the Served que when they are done.

To try this customer flow do these 5 steps:

1. Settings / Business Info

After I login to my Waitwhile account, Settings / Business Info is where I start when I set up a business. This is the most important part to ensure that if something goes wrong, your customers can always call your business if they get stuck. Here is a quick video that explains all of the options in the Business Info Section.

2. Settings / Alerts

The Waitwhile SMS messages is how you many businesses bring your customer flow to life and help educate the customer how you need them to wait for their turn. For this customer flow, we’ll be using the Confirmation, Next In Line, Alert, and Completed SMS/Email features. Here is a quick video all about Waitwhile's Alert features. It should look like this when you have configured the Alerts correctly.

Now that you have the right Alerts enabled, you can alter those messages to say what you need them to say. For this Customer flow, you’ll need to replace the default text for each Alert with the appropriate message from the chart below.

Alert Type

Sample Message

Waitlist Confirmation

You've been added as #{order} in line. See your live wait at {link}

Waitlist Next In Line

You are #{order} in line - it's almost your turn! Please return to the {resource} department. To quit reply CANCEL

Waitlist Alert

It's your turn! Please return within 5 mins to keep your place in line. To quit reply CANCEL

Waitlist Completed

Thank you for visiting {business}, {name}! We hope to see you back soon

3. Settings / Resources

Waitwhile's Resources represent the 'person/place/thing' that is providing the Service your business does. In this case, the name of your Resource will also be the word that replaces the {resource} trigger word in your Next in Line and Alert notifications sent to your customers.

Name these after your departments or the people you want your customers to be meeting with - those names will replace the {resource} trigger words in your SMS messages you just configured. This makes for an easy way to use your Alert notifications to tell your customer where to go and shape their experience.

4. Check the 'Customer Info' Section

Check out the Customer Info section under Settings/Waitlist - these are the options that Waitwhile presents to your customer in order to get in line. Here you can ask your customer questions, require information, etc. For this customer flow, make sure to make the phone number ‘required’ to ensure that the customer receives the SMS messages they need about their waiting process.

Now that your configuration is set up, you can start using your waitlist right now. We recommend that you share your Check-In URL to your customers - they’ll use this link as a way to add themselves to your Waitlist. Here are some examples of ways you can share the Check-In URL with your customers:

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