The Waitwhile Dashboard icon is the ‘command center’ for all of your Waitwhile Locations. You can find it by clicking the icon on the left of your screen.

From this screen you can see a basic overview of everything that is happening with your account - at every Location you have. Here you can see:

  • Your current Waitlist for the Location you have activated

  • Who is being Served at that Location

  • Any future Bookings you have that happen today

  • How many available check-ins/parties you have left for the subscription period.

If you scan down, you can also see a list of all of the Locations in your Account. Each Location displayed shows basic information about the current operations as well as a’3 dot menu’ for additional options.

  • Edit: This will take you to the Settings of the Location you have selected.

  • Copy: This will make an exact clone of the Location you have chosen to copy.

  • Deactivate: This option turns this entire Location off - none of the links will be active and the Location is effectively ‘shut down’ until you decide to activate it again.

  • Delete: This option completely deletes the Location and all associated information from your Waitwhile Account (including collected Guest data)

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