Under User Settings, you can invite your team members to the locations on your account.

Invite a new user

Just click "Invite User" to invite a new user. When you add a new member, you can choose if they should have Admin access or not. You can also choose which of your locations they should have access to (if you have more than one).

Access levels

You can choose if you want a team member to have full Administrative access or just be able to help you out with the waitlist and bookings.

  • Admins can do everything for your waitlist including update your settings and invite other users.

  • Non-admins can only manage your waitlist by adding new guests and taking them off the list once done

*PRO TIP: Here is an informal video one of our team members did to explain how to make 'clones' of your list and then how to add new Users for each one. The second part of the video (about inviting Users) shows a super helpful trick to help you get them connected to your account quickly using the 'Invite' Link.


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